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DIY/Kit Homes

Homes4you is a leader of do-it-yourself kit homes and has been supplying Prefabricated steel framed DIY kit homes for over ten years.


All DIY Homes can be easily erected by the owner builder.


Houses are either delivered flat packed in containers for overseas destinations Or fully assembled panels and transported via semi-trailer for the local market. 

Building a DIY Home

  • Owner/builder - Complete back up service from qualified builders , allowing full job satisfaction and potential savings available up to approximately 30% to the owner builder for peace of mind.
  • Full working drawings & engineering form 55 for council approval supplied with kit purchase.  
  • DIY Advantages
  • Flat pack wall frames & Roof panels ideal for export in containers, for overseas clients to save freight costs.
  • Fully assembled & numbered prefabricated frames Pre Assembled House frames and Roof Panels ready for delivery to site for local areas.
  • Unique steel engineered and designed flooring system creates a flat, level and structurally sound platform with significant cost savings for sloping sites.

See our designs page for more kit home plans.